We're so grateful that you're grateful

Join our community of COVID-19 supporters showing their appreciation and gratitude for our front-line workers.

  • Jacob Buchanan (Grade 5)
    Thank you for everything you're doing for the whole world. You are helping people in need that have the virus. I bet it is really hard for you and all the other doctors to find a cure for this pandemic. Also I bet it is hard for you being at the hospital 24/7. I bet it's really tiring. I won't be able to do that ever. You are risking your life for people you don't know and making a difference. You should be really proud of yourselves!
  • Christian (Grade 5)
    My name is Christian I am a 10 year old boy currently homeschooling due to COVID-19. I want to take this opportunity to let you know how grateful I am for you for risking your life everyday to help those affected by this virus. It must be hard not being able to see your family. I know you are working around the clock to keep those healthy who are sick and get them back to their families. Thank you!
  • Arianna (Grade 5)
    I want to thank you for all the help you have given to everyone. Without all of you this would be even worse and people would be more sick because they would not be in good hands and taken care of. Thank you for putting yourself at risk for others. Are you ever scared or afraid while working? We are so thankful and lucky to have people like you who will not give up on this and will work hard and do their best no matter what. When this is over I think you all should be rewarded in some special way.
  • Milena (Grade 5)
    I just want to thank you for everything you do for the sick and/or the injured, especially for all the craziness happening right now with the virus. You are risking your lives for other people and leaving your family to care for others you don't even know! That is awesome. You are like literal superheroes and that means so much to me. I know you all are working so hard. I hope you understand how much of a help you are. You are truly remarkable, stay healthy and safe.
  • Massimo (Grade 5)
    Thank you for taking care of us and keeping us safe. You are a hard working Doctor and keep doing what you're doing. Thank you for telling us to stay home and not go to places. You are also very nice people and you should keep it that way. You are very good at your job and keep working hard to fight this virus. Me and my family appreciate everything you are doing for us and the world. I love all that you have done for us, thank you for everything and stay safe. Your friend, Massimo.